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Local, seasonal, naturally grown, salads, herbs and leafy greens.



Sorrel Farm is a small scale market garden specialising in naturally grown, fresh, nutrient-rich Shropshire salads that are packed full of flavour. This flavour changes with the seasons, allowing us to provide you with an ever-changing variety of leaves and textures throughout the year.

We believe in food systems that allow communities to be in control of their food production, creating a sustainable model that is better for people and the environment. 

Our food is grown organically whilst caring for the soil and ecology by not digging. This allows for natural organisms to thrive, increasing the soils overall health and therefore that of our plants and those that eat them.

You can feel confident that your salad from us is not only healthy and nutritious but also enriching the local environment.



Hello my name is Heather and I am the grower/harvester/packer/driver and all the other jobs in between here at Sorrel Farm! For the past decade, I have worked as a kitchen gardener to restaurant chefs across the country. Now I have a little slice of land to manage here in Shropshire, I am embarking on a personal dream of mine to build a market garden full of biodiversity, creating a healthy food source for the community whilst providing a sustainable income from the land. 

For my family and I, the worlds recent troubles have highlighted the fragility and unsustainability of our current global food systems. Local food must become more prevalent if we are to withstand and adapt to climate change and possible future turmoil. In 2018, with a new baby in arms I began asking myself what can I do and how can I help to create a more resilient world for our daughter? And so, Sorrel Farm was born. Out of concern, yes, but more out of positivity. A hope that the future will become more focused on local small scale farms and market gardens passionate about providing clean, healthy and sustainable food. An essential change needed for children and grandchildren.

In 2022 I took on a 3/4 acre rented parcel of land previously being used as a plant nursery. Putting sustainable, regenerative land care first is central to my growing practice and it was inspiring to find a kindred spirit in my land owner Pam of Pam's Pool Permaculture who had already ensured the land was working in harmony with nature. Native hedgerows and a silver birch grove had been established, leaving half of the field wild, allowing nature to thrive alongside the now new rows of vegetables. The field is situated on the edge of Pam's 60 acre Shropshire Wildlife Trust site, surrounded on two sides by traditional wildflower meadows. These and the wider site provide a biodiverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife and birds. 


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We sell our produce to shops, restaurants and caterers within 10 miles of the garden so its always super fresh. Please do get in touch if you are local and interested in stocking our fresh produce or looking for a salad supplier.

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We love working with a diverse range of local businesses and making sure local people can access our fresh, seasonal produce. You can find Sorrel Farm

produce at:

The Green Shop, Bridgnorth

The Simple life unwrapped, Much Wenlock

Quatt farm shop, Quatt

Apley farm shop, Norton

Wyld Flour, Broseley

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This year we will have made the decision to focus our attention on wholesale markets. Unfortunately this does mean that we will not be selling directly through our website any longer.  Please do see our retailers list here to pick up some of our produce.


East Underton, Bridgnorth WV16 6TY, UK

Thanks for contacting us

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